The Long Wait

Firstly, I have no idea what this website will be or what it might turn into, but I’ve found myself in a publishing Limbo and need somewhere to deposit writing that’s finished for a book that’s far from it.

It’s anyone’s guess how long it’ll take. I think I wrote up the first in January 2015, so either this is going to be the greatest book about pubs ever or I’m taking way too long. Those wagering on the latter will doubtless reap their rewards.

There’s no real hurry, though. I have no publisher, no agent, barely a title and just about a third of it complete. I only settled on exactly what I was trying to do after I’d written about the first six or seven pubs.

I’m struggling with pictures too. I engaged the services of an excellent photographer and we visited lots of pubs. During these evenings, no notes or photographs were taken. After a while, we realised that wasn’t going to work.

I decided to attack the writing side with great enthusiasm and settled down at the keyboard one day. No such luck. It seems the only way I can write about pubs is to be at the pub, with a notebook, on my own, nursing a couple of pints and becoming ever more loose-penned. There is, of course, an optimum level of drinking, beyond which any writing becomes illegible, verbose, over-ambitious, hugely pretentious or all of the above.

Factor in trying to hold down a full-time job and considerable capacity for prevarication and you’ve got all the ingredients for a saga rather than a perfectly achievable project.

So instead of waiting till I’ve written the whole thing before unleashing my quality prose on a suggestible public, I’m going to bung some up here on this site. For a giggle. Maybe I’ll get some feedback that I’ll act on. Perhaps I’ll realise it’s a fruitless exercise. Who knows? Maybe a publisher with a few quid burning a hole in his elephant cord trouser pocket will stumble upon it and proposition me with an advance.

Don’t expect anything too regular.


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